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Anchored in Central Brooklyn, TCAH is one of the largest and most trusted emergency food and community support organizations in New York City. Since the pandemic began to impact the city, TCAH has expanded our efforts exponentially to meet the needs of our neighbors. We continue to advance equity for underserved and disenfranchised community members. Through our services and programming, TCAH supplies healthy weekend snacks for children, provides youth workforce development and training, cultivates urban farms and operates farm stands, promotes nutrition education, and more. These are all examples of how TCAH works to alleviate poverty by helping community members to build self-determination, engage in grassroots activism, and invest in civic life.

In partnership with our supporters, volunteers, donors, and other community-based organizations, since March, The Campaign Against Hunger has:

  • Served over 1.4 million individuals
  • Provided enough food for over 13.9 million nutritious meals compared to 3 million meals a year
  • Continued to cultivate 20,000 of pounds of produce on an annual basis through our urban farms
  • Experienced a 1020% increase in our daily food distribution efforts
  • Established over 300 new community partnerships in Brooklyn and Queens
  • Moved into a temporary 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse space that is now serving as a food hub in Canarsie, Brooklyn
  • Been packing and distributing upwards of 2,800 bags of groceries for families daily
  • Engaged 3,730 volunteers and leveraged 13,840 volunteer hours
  • Attracted the attention of NYC Mayor de Blasio, the Brooklyn Borough President, the Brooklyn District Attorney, CNN, and several elected officials with our COVID–19 response
  • Maintained our mobile pantry in South Bronx to meet the community’s needs
  • Expanded to a 7-truck fleet to support our mobile distribution

None of this would be possible without the willingness to serve, the generous gifts, and the shared talents of people like you. It’s on us to build up our communities, and we would be grateful to have you join us in our fight for food and racial justice in New York City.




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