TCAH’s Youth Empowerment Conferences address vital issues—food justice, mental wellness, financial literacy, and anti-gun violence—resonating with the needs of New York City’s youth. In a city where approximately 30% of children live in poverty and youth violence remains a concern, our conferences provide a crucial platform for young individuals. They actively engage in dialogues to empower them to be agents of change in their communities. The enthusiastic participation of these youths, set against the backdrop of NYC’s challenges, underscores the importance of such initiatives. By focusing on empowerment through education, The Campaign Against Hunger contributes to shaping informed, resilient future leaders for our city.


Why Attend?

Your Voice Has the Power to Transform Communities

Understand the Concepts

Dive deep into the complex web of social issues, and explore the causal relationship between food insecurity and gun violence. Understand how empowering communities through food access can be a catalyst for safer streets and brighter futures.

Raise Your Voice

Learn and practice effective advocacy to dismantle the structures that perpetuate inequality and violence

Be Inspired and Inspire

Hear from young activists who are making strides in breaking the cycle of violence and hunger, and share your own story of change and resilience.

Network for Change

Connect with like-minded peers and mentors who are actively working to create safer, more equitable communities.

Develop Key Skills

Participate in workshops designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge necessary to address the root causes of food insecurity and violence.

Workshops and Panel Discussions

Embark on an enlightening journey with our engaging workshops and thought-provoking speaker-led panels. Together, we’ll delve into the intricate interplay of food justice, poverty, and the pursuit of peace in our communities.


Our discussions will shine a light on the undeniable link between food insecurity, financial constraints, and the presence of gun violence. We recognize that fostering a healthy community begins with fostering access to nourishment.


Video Resources

Conference Highlights

Questions about the conference?

Please contact Howard Brown, Youth Empowerment Manager:

Interested in Sponsorship Opportunities?

Please contact Racquel Peters, Director of Development, to learn how you can support our youth:

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