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For millions of people worldwide, period poverty, or the inability to access menstrual products like tampons or pads, is a persistent and debilitating problem. A recent survey by the period tracker app Flo, found that 34% of its users believe that period poverty is only a problem in developing countries. But in reality, countries like the U.S. experience period poverty too. The statistics show that the fight to achieve menstrual equity is still ongoing.

1 in 4 women
struggled to purchase period products within the past year due to lack of income.


1 in 5 teens

have struggled to afford period products, or haven’t been able to purchase them at all.

1 in 5 low-income women

report missing work, school or similar events due to lack of access to period supplies.

Lack of access to period supplies is linked to using substitute products (toilet tissue or socks), stretching product usage, and missing important events and functioning through daily life.

 State and federal safety-net programs cannot be used to purchase period supplies.

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