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It takes EVERYONE to end hunger. Call on your elected officials to protect vital resources like SNAP for families in need.

The continuum of wrap-around services TCAH provides is a supplement and not a replacement for vital long-term solutions. Solutions like higher wages, a strong federal anti-hunger safety net and ultimately, a healthy economy for all working individuals. The challenges are complex and require collaboration among both private and public entities to expand the economic opportunities of the working poor.


Together, with the support of New Yorkers like YOU, our government, corporations and charities can address the root causes of food insecurity to ensure that every family has adequate food and nutrition.


Right now The Farm Bill could jeopardize the SNAP benefits of families in our community and ultimately put more children at risk of hunger. Join us to show every Member of Congress that we care about ensuring our communities’ children, families and seniors have access to adequate, nutritious food.

Tell Congress To Protect SNAP